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Get Kids Hooked on Fishing

The rapids in Halifax County’s section of the Roanoke River in Northeast North Carolina brim with rockfish, also known as striped bass or stripers. The stunning scenery, the fast-flowing water and the proliferation of fish draw anglers from around the world to Weldon, NC where novices and experts fish the sparkling waters. Venture out on your own or hire an experienced fishing guide for an early morning boat ride and a new adventure.

The keeper season for the Roanoke River Striped Bass Management Area runs from March 1 to April 30, with an 18-inch minimum length. Anything smaller – or caught at other times of the year – must be immediately released. According to guides, stripers are among the easiest fish to catch, especially for youngsters, so grab a bucket of minnows and a couple of fishing rods and start spinning those fishing tales.


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