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Dawn of the Sportsman

As the sun rises, mist still clings to the creeks surface, and as you quietly sit. The Whitetail emerge for a morning feed, and you can hear Bobwhites calling in the distance. Whether you are a novice, or an expert look no further than Halifax County, NC for the best quality hunting and fishing in the entire Southeastern US. Using your bow, flintlock, or rifle. Enjoy the ancient ritual of game hunting. Cast the rivers’ depths with spinner, fly-rod or cane pole. The possibilities are extraordinary. Hit the Roanoke River for the annual RockfishRun from March-June. Up to two million Rockfish make their astounding migration- a truly amazing phenomenon. Rockfish, or Striped Bass, are the crown jewels of Southeastern game fish. If hunting is what you crave, Halifax county ranks #1 in Whitetail Deer and Wild Turkey harvests. There is an abundance of exotic game birds as well, including geese, quail and pheasant. Wintertime is the prime season for hunters. The lands and waters of Halifax and clean and well managed. Experience Carolina’s dawn as the first settlers did!


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