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A Rockfish Runs Through It

If you are a betting man or woman, you know why they call it fishing and not catching. Nothing in fishing is a sure thing. That said, Halifax County ranks as one of the top sports fisheries in the South, and the Town of Weldon is the epicenter. The striped bass, often called striper or rockfish is a worthy adversary and when you hook a good one, it feels like a locomotive on the line. Considering a mature striper averages about 3-4 feet long and can weigh 20 lbs., it’s no wonder that Halifax County is the “Rockfish Capital of the World.” This unique area lies on the fall line, an area of rapids where the Roanoke River begins its final descent to the coast. The spectacular rockfish spend their lives in salt water, only returning to fresh water to spawn. During the magical times of March - June when the water temperature is just right, they run the river by the hundreds of thousands. Perhaps the most remarkable of all, is a recurring annual event unchanged for millennia. Referred to as the Rockfish Run. An event in which millions of Striped Bass migrate from the ocean, to lay eggs in the very pool where they were born. Get your best rod and super-secret lure, and get to fishing in Halifax County!


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